It's Autumn!!  

So the outdoor live music performances are over for another summer… It was a good season! You can still catch me indoors at 2nd St. Market on the 3rd Sundays of October and November playing some acoustic music between 11:30 am - 1:30 pm!! Hope to see you there! (*Check the calendar page for more specs!)

Every Time (Live w/Kyle Walz) 

As a solo performer I don't get many videos of me playing live (too busy playing!) But on July 23rd I shared a gig with singer-songwriter Kyle Walz from St. Louis, and he set up his phone to record us doing this song together!!

Watch “Every Time” Here:

New Video Series!!  

August 2022 marked the 15th anniversary of the release of the Pear in the Pink Thing CD! At the time of its release I did not make videos for the songs. In celebration of these songs that are still being streamed, & played in my live performances, I am creating new videos for each of the 12 tracks! I am releasing a new one every 3rd Friday on my YouTube channel in the playlist Pear in the Pink Thing (Reimagined) Four tracks are currently posted, the next due out on June 30th! Hope you enjoy! PS - You can…

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New Music!!  

Released March 3rd, Katydid is the quirky follow-up to my tune Dragonfly! Widely available on your favorite streaming and download sites, as well as a fun lyric video on YouTube! Did you know you can now purchase downloads right from my music page? Straight from the artist to you! 

Website Updates!! 

I've been working with someone to update my website! Giving it a fresh look, more adapted to mobile devices, and a newer backdrop photo. Original photo taken by Kate Stanton with pop art edits by me! Not quite finished yet, but here's hoping you enjoy the new design and ... drum roll ... you can now purchase downloads direct from the site :) Check out the music page!! 

Happy New Year 2023!! 

Another year has flown by! This new year finds me updating my website (stay tuned!) and writing new music, along with some local performances. May your days be bright! 

Eclectic Music Lover!!  

I'm a bit delayed in sharing this, but the Eclectic Music Lover site ran a wonderful and thorough article after the release of my last single! Part review, part bio on my music journey, Jeff did a fabulous job representing my music! Read Here!!



Pond 5!! 

Excited that my three latest singles (Dragonfly, Just Another Casualty of Love, and Yellow Bird) were all accepted on Pond5! This means that they are available for people to license for use in various media projects! My Artist Page!! 

Yellow Bird!! 

Yellow Bird is a sweet new song just released in December 2021. Inspired by the visit of a real little goldfinch to my office window, it became a metaphor for hearing the voice of God in our busy daily lives. Paired with simple thumbprint bird art (made by yours truly) in the video, hope you'll take time to watch! Please subscribe while on my channel :) I'd love that!! 



Your Story!! 

So honored to be part oft this art project! I was one of 50 Springfield residents who wrote an essay of our experiences in 2020. Photographer Ty Fischer took our photos (one with, one without a mask) then choosing select words from our essays and overlaid them to become part of our portraits. There will be a display in downtown Springfield October 1-31 with an opening night speech / kick off at Hatch Studios 3rd floor on Friday evening October 1st!! 5:30 - 9 pm.