1. Mystery

From the recording Pear In The Pink Thing

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I may defy your explanations
But I may exceed your expectations
I may escape your destinations
While I may enjoy your speculations

Feeling fuzzy, out of sync
Like a soul within her shell
A girl inside a silk cocoon
With a story yet to tell

And I think it’s time for me to fly
And I guess you need not wonder why
I am me and so content to be… a mystery.

I may deny your allegations
And I may ignore your invitations
I may elude your nominations
Yet I may inspire your fascinations

Feeling quirky, left of right
Like a fall between the crack
A question mark misunderstood
With a monkey on my back

You will know me when you hear it
I’m a free and gentle spirit
Making sweet music from the inside out…

c 2007 Cool Spirit Publishing (ASCAP)