1. Erosion

From the recording Erosion



Cold as a stone
with feet of clay…I.
Blown by the wind
and swept away…I.
An avalanche of elements
Expose this mountainside;
A landslide of emotion
Rending furrows deep and wide.

Close to the edge
with feet of dust…I.
Tarnished by time
and turned to rust…I.
The earth begin to crumble
From the banks on either side;
An onslaught of erosion
Melting shoreline into tide.

And I am washed
by your sea of grace;
Submersed in shadows that hide your lovely face.
When the morning comes II hope to find my place
(of peace)
… in spite of this erosion.

Sorrow lasts a moment
and weeping for a night; But joy comes in the morning,
Riding in on wings of light.

c 2006 Cool Spirit Publishing (ASCAP)