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To everything there is a season ... Ecclesiastes

Dubbed "the headbanger's favorite folk artist" by a rock festival promoter, and "a darling of the folk, coffeehouse and college circuits for the better part of two decades" (Wildy's World 2009) Kesler has taken her meld of acoustic driven pop/folk/rock music across the United States, and as far as Australia and the Netherlands. With six CD projects and multiple singles to her credit, 2020 looks to be a season of songwriting (both a duo Every Lovely Thing and as a solo artist) and also of solo performances mostly in Ohio and St. Louis, MO. 

When writing songs to perform herself, Marianne loves to describe her highly organic vibe as a quirky meeting between her favorite artists. "Imagine," she muses, "If Joni Mitchell got together with Leonard Cohen for a writing session at the coffeehouse where Neil Young and the Counting Crows were playing, folk artist Jan Krist was singing, Tori & Fiona were pouting, Over The Rhine & Aimee Mann opened, and Santana stopped by to play some smokin' guitar...Yeah, It sounds something like that!"

Writing with and for other artists has broadened her musical horizon. A song called "What Do I Know was made into a demo by producer Ben Kesler and also covered by Americana artist Brant Christopher. A recently forged relationship with artist Leah Thompson has resulted in over 30 co-written songs, ranging from r&b/soul to dance pop. Marianne is currently writing with a friend in a duo dubbed Every Lovely Thing, and they have released two studio singles in an ambient dreampop style, "Running" and "Not the Only One". 

Marianne has licensed several of her songs, and has received an ACSAP Popular Award 14 in different years.  

Marianne is also using her writing skills as blogger and free-lance writer & poet, and has completed work on the third of a trilogy of poetry/prose/photography books called the say something series (available on and in the Apple i-Bookstore). 

Marianne is available for bookings as a singer-songwriter for events, venues, & house concerts. Contact Marianne at:


            Marianne Kesler is a touring singer-songwriter who currently resides in Springfield, OH. A Columbus native, Kesler has had a vibrant love for music from an early age. Winning paid tuition for a song-writing intensive and recording project in Nashville helped Marianne launch her touring career. Early inspirations for her songwriting included traditional folk artists, and many have compared her music to artists such as Judy Collins, Carole King, Aimee Mann and Sheryl Crow.

            She uses her passion for poetry and acoustic guitar to create original songs. Many say that her laid-back, introspective style is a perfect soundtrack for the thoughtful listener. Her writing style embodies allegory and lush imagery set to folk/pop/rock music. Marianne has been living out her dreams performing across the U.S. in coffeehouses to concert venues, colleges to house concerts, plus two international tours.

           Her 2007 album, “Pear In The Pink Thing”, is Kesler's sixth release. The title “Pear In The Pink Thing” is a metaphor for mystery. Marianne continues to explore her art in a free and eclectic expression of ten self-penned songs along with acoustic renderings of two of Neil Young’s legendary songs. Since then Marianne has released numerous singles, the newest a studio cover of George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." (October 1, 2019)

            Marianne's song "What Do I Know" was covered by Americana artist Brant Christopher (of Big Kettle Drum) and she has co-written over 30 songs with neo-soul/pop/folk artist Leah Thompson. Several of Marianne's songs have recently been licensed for use in a variety of media projects. Marianne is currently working with a new cowriter, Kate Stanton, in a duo named Every Lovely Thing whose music leans toward ambient dream pop.

            June 2010 signaled the debut of a new venture, a book trilogy of free verse poetry/prose and photography. Marianne was inspired by everyday one-word objects and concepts which serve as the springboard for her creative musings. She finished working on the third book of the say something series in 2013 and the books are available on and Apple iBooks.

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