Seasonal Creativity Disorder


November is here. The time change has arrived.

Winter is approaching. 

I know many who suffer from mild to moderate seasonal affective disorder. I feel the tendency myself. And I wonder, can we suffer in this same way creatively as well? 

So many things loom larger as distractions in my creative life as the seasons change. The dark for one! Darkness early in the evening makes me want to shut down and hibernate, rather than continue any creative pursuits. Temperamental weather (at least when you are as cold sensitive as I am) means less likelihood of going outside to walk in nature, or to get the daily exercise that works a healthy fitness into both my body and my brain. The cold alone can be a deterrent to me in the things I do as a creative, as cold hands make it difficult to type or to play guitar!

I miss the long hours of daylight that promise much creative potential. I miss the mind cleansing walks that spur new thoughts and bombard me with beauty. I miss the warm sunshine and get tired of bundling in layers to keep warm, wearing hand warmers even while I work in my office! 

All told, I feel a distinct seasonal dis-order in my creative life. 

What to do?

For myself, I am using the season to re-visit, re-evaluate, and re-organize my creative life. I am going to allow time for thought, meditation, and calming disciplines that breathe new life into my daily routine. I am taking time to read and explore new creative ventures - like researching how to write a screen play - something I have ideas for, but no idea how to do! I am restructuring my creative work day to allow for different times of the day to create; trying to work with the patterns of light and dark, rather than against them.

I am hopeful this re-ordering brings a fresh perspective and new energy to my creative pursuits!

What do you find helps? I’d love to hear your comments! 

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