Fall Back

The time change in the autumn season is coming soon. “Fall back in the fall,” as they say. Personally I relish the one extra hour of sleep. (This is my favorite part.) Which prompted the thought, what do I fall back on in my creative life when it needs renewal and rejuvenation? 

In regard to relationships, we encourage couples to keep the spark alive with date nights. These special occasions can bring new life, laughter, joy, and a fresh reminder of what made us fall in love in the first place. Creativity writer, Julia Cameron, encourages artists to take what she calls an artist date. The idea is that once a week you will take yourself somewhere that will inspire your creativity.

I have made a practice of this. Some weeks I head to the library to peruse the colorful books of photographs or how-to books on a new subject of interest. Other times I head to a museum or to visit a new visual art display. Even a fabric store with its plethora of beautiful colors, vivid prints, and sensory textures can spark new visions in my mind. Hobby or craft stores are other options to spur ideas. And don't forget people watching on the plaza, or a long, rambling walk outside!

I come back from my artist dates with a renewed sense of my joy of creativity. Although I am an artist who uses mostly words as my tools, these artist date experiences inspire me to describe, and to somehow paint a word picture of the beauty I have glimpsed or of the thoughts that have emerged. 

Sometimes I bring home a souvenir to remind me - a photograph, a small purchase, a book checked out of the library. But mostly the imprint is left on my mind. Something that quietly stirs new life into the recesses of my brain -  to be pulled out on days where I feel stuck, without words, not sure how to proceed, or what project to work on next. 

Falling back on some of the simple things that originally inspired me in my art can help. What do you fall back on to inspire your creative self? Share with us in the comments below!