Falling Into Blue

Marianne Kesler
Marianne Kesler


Falling into Blue


Looks like a long lonely day       

The kind of day that lasts all night

Nothing left to do or say

To make anything between us turn out right           


I'm falling, 

Crawling after you             

Yes I'm falling

Falling into blue

I'm falling 

Calling out to you  

Yes I'm falling

Falling into blue, into blue ...


Seems like the sky's gonna rain

The kind of rain that lasts all day 

Wish that I could drown this pain 

But with every drop I still get swept away  




Now blue's the only color that feels the way I do

It used to be my favorite before I fell for you …




Falling Into Blue c 2016 Cool Spirit Publishing (ASCAP)

Written & Performed By Marianne Kesler 

Producers Ben Kesler & Shane Meyer